Meet the team

Dan Cornelius

Having been involved in health and fitness from a very early age my passion has always been in helping others achieve their goals. Moving from Jersey to study sports and exercise science in Sheffield opened my eyes as to what is possible within the fitness industry. Since returning to Jersey I look forward to bring industry leading knowledge back to the Island and develop the fitness community to something never seen before.

I pride myself on a variety of experiences from running and owning my own outdoor fitness company to being chosen as an intern with GB boxing and Anthony Joshua. From all my education and experience within this amazing industry one thing always remains, I believe anyone can achieve their goals if they set their mind to it. The most important thing I tell people when they ask me for the ‘secret’ to success is don’t be afraid to take the first step. Change requires you to be pushed outside your comfort zone. I promise you that if you take the first step towards being a healthier version of yourself, it’s not something you will regret in the future. The magnitude of the benefits are just waiting to be discovered by you.   

I having tried and tested most fitness fads and can confidently say that Club Soulgenic are leading the way for fitness in Jersey. There is nothing quite like it and if you don’t believe me, come find out for yourself.

Pirouet House,
Union Street,
St Helier